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Industry 4.0 – Digitizing of Everything Else

In 2012 I wrote about the Digitizing of Everything. Since then, even more than I imagined has been reduced to 0 and 1, stored in the cloud or on drives,

Seeing Around Corners – ECEF 2015 Keynote


Marketing is… (a slight update)

Close to five years ago I wrote Marketing is…  Recently I was part of a discussion on what makes a marketing department “the best”? Reminded of this piece I revisited

Industry 4.0 – Digitizing of Everything Else

One of these things is not like the others. | How to ensure your MC fits in


Presentation at CEMA Summit 2013 | “Be a Fool – Innovate”

In July of 2013 I had the honor to present “Be a Fool – Innovate” at the CEMA Summit 2013. That presentation is below.     Follow @JanusDialogs

Measurement 3.0 – Insights on Insights

Event Marketing Summit Presentation